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Hi all!

Nickname: Calyt Azia
Server: Antica

Link to TibiaGallery:


The house was decorated using the items that imitate the design of the TibiaLabs website.
It is a perfect place for a first date. You can find the colorful trees inside the house, you can notice that the design of the house is connected to the Garden.
Besides the witch related items such as the cobwebs and the skulls, you can find mysterious creatures like the rainbow pony and the old chameleon.
However, the most mysterious place is already mentioned Garden, where the old magic books are placed and a sealed frog. The myth says that the old witch’s beloved friend has been turned into a frog after his multiple lies. Luckily, she found a new friend with whom she spends long nights with a cup of their favorite beverage placed in the middle of the house.

[Image: UnORQZq.jpeg]

Best regards <3

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