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3rd Anniversary Contest Submission
Character: Smucker
World: Gladera

Dinner & a Movie

Wicked Witche's first date is a traditional "Dinner and a Movie Date" but in her own way!

For dinner, she is cooking something special in a huge cauldron! (Reference 1 of WW). As we can see in the ingredients displayedShe added a pinch of voodoo lily pollen, a drop of frozen tear and swirled to combine (Reference 2 of WW).

After dinner, everything is ready so they can relax, have something sweet and watch a movie, her choice was no other than a Ferumbras' Movie! As she is one of his former students at the Noodles Academy (Reference 3 of WW).

She is sure she will impress her date with her cooking as well as her spooky-yet-romatic decoration. They will have an awesome time!

TibiaGallery upload: Wicked Witch First Date - Smucker Submission

Embeded screenshot:

[img][Image: emIzM9Z.png][/img]

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