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Rules - Wed - 15-03-2022

Contest Rules
  • The participant must be registered in our Community Forum (remember to check your spam folder);
  • You must create your own thread and post as many submissions as you want in the submissions category;
  • Any question/discussion can be submitted in our Discord;
  • The image must contain only the Game Window (Example on TibiaHome) and must be uploaded on TibiaGallery;
  • Entries must be your own creation and it must not plagiarise someone else’s work;
  • We will NOT accept images with edition, DO NOT change the image;
  • The decoration must be made especially for this contest, to guarantee exclusivity, in the picture the character needs to be saying “3rd Anniversary Contest – TibiaLabs″;
  • Your submission must contain the name and server of the character who will receive the prize, if it is among the winners;
  • While the contest is running all submissions will stay hidden from the public;
  • The deadline is April, 1st (GMT+0).

Good luck everyone!